Casual outdoor south pool side bar Every Wednesday from 4pm - 5pm Weather Permitting

Guests and owners of Makena Surf this is your special invitation to join us at the south Makena Surf pool for complimentary Mai Tai's. 

Enjoy the paradise scene while sipping on your favorite umbrella drink. You can lounge at the pool and relax whilst surrounded by nature.  

Plus, this vibrant tropical drink is best with conversations - so bring in a friend or make some and get ready for a stressfree, relaxed evening. 

We look forward to meeting you!  


History of Hawaiian Mai Tais

Ah, the Hawaii Mai Tai—a sweet, stiff drink most commonly associated with warm sea breezes, white sandy beaches, palm trees and the Hawaiian Islands. Yet, over the last few decades, bartenders all over the world have served up various iterations of the classic tiki drink, built from combinations of rums, lime, orange liqueur and the almond syrup known as orgeat.

Can a drink define an island? If it’s Mai Tais, yes. The young, bright, and tropical Mai Tai brings vibrancy to every Hawaiian island. While its staple of the Hawaiian islands, variations of Maui Tai have been served in different parts of the world with combinations of rums, liquer, and lime.  

That said, here’s a quick fact: Mai Tai isn’t native to Hawaii. In fact, it was born on the sunny side of California. This article puts things in perspective perfectly:  

“The cocktail's exact birthplace is hotly debated among historians. Some attribute the drink to Victor Bergeron, founder of California's Trader Vic's, the Polynesian-themed restaurant that helped spawn the tiki crazy in the 1930s and 40s. And it was Trader Vic's which designed the now famous Mai Tai mix many of us know today. Bergeron says he created the cocktail in 1944 at the original Oakland location of his restaurant and tiki bar. As the story goes, he one day served the concoction to some friends from Tahiti, and they cried out, "Mai Tai roa ae!" Out of this world! The best!””  

Well, that’s the good old history of Mai Tai. Time to have some?

And there you go, cheers!  

Photo Credit Maui Magazine

Photo Credit Monkeypod Kitchen

Looking for the Best Mai Tai in Maui?  

Try Monkeypod Wailea a few minute drive from Makena Surf Resort with a fantastic Happy Hour from 3pm – 5:30pm & 9pm–11pm (50% off appetizers).  

Are you reading this on the mainland? Fret not! Here’s the recipe for you to try at home. Note: Reproducing the ‘liliko’i’ foam may be a bit of a challenge but home mixologist probably love a good cocktail challenge.

Monkeypod Mai Tai Recipe  


1 oz. Old Lahaina Light Rum 1 oz. Old Lahaina Dark Rum 1/2 oz. macadamia-nut orgeat 1/2 oz. Marie Brizard Orange Curaçao 3/4 oz. fresh lime juice  

Honey Liliko‘i Foam  

1/2 oz. honey 1 oz. liliko‘i purée 1 oz. simple syrup 1 oz. egg whites 1.5 oz. cold water  


Mix foam ingredients well and put in a nitrous-oxide (NO2) infuser* to half capacity. Use 4 charges for a liter-sized infuser. (Or blend ingredients on high speed till foamy.) Add lime juice, orgeat (a sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar, and rose water or orange flower water), orange curaçao and Old Lahaina Light Rum to mixing glass. Shake with 1 cup cubed ice about 30 seconds and pour into highball glass. Float dark rum. Top with honey-liliko‘i foam and garnish with pineapple half moon.

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